MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

We propose a more stable power receiving and distribution system with DC high voltage circuit breakers, high performance air circuit breakers, and an electromagnetic switch for your power distribution and server room power supply.

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Supporting non-stop operation of equipment with a comprehensive range of products and reliable quality.

Low-voltage Moulded Case Circuit Breaker WS-V/WS Series

Achieving downsizing, high reliability, and cost effectiveness

  • Industry’s smallest arc-running breaker system. Class width of 54 mm (F Style Product * 32/63 Ampere Frame)
  • New “Expanded ISTAC” breaker technology improves current limiting performance and breaking capacity
  • A lineup of plug-in breakers able to be directly connected to the main bus contributes to shortening of power outage time during circuit expansion/specification change work
  • Products include N-phase reinforced products supporting increases in N-phase electric current due to high frequency and a DC high voltage compatible no-fuse circuit breaker also applicable to high voltage, direct current (HVDC) communication

Low-voltage Air Circuit Breaker AE-SW Series

Sophisticated power distribution equipment

  • Achieving high switching reliability through high switching durability
  • Connection to major networks (CC-Link, MODBUS®) is possible with various interface units

Electromagnetic switch gear MS-T Series

Key points: “downsizing” “standardisation” “safety and quality” “wiring properties” “internationalisation”

  • Offers the world’s smallest horizontal width of 36 mm (10 A frame product), contributing to space-saving inside panels
  • Wide range of types, including reversible, mechanical latch, and delay release
  • Line-up of spring clamp terminal specifications to reduce installation work and improve maintainability