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Solutions for air conditioning system reliability

Our products in the MELSEC iQ-R/iQ-F controller series make it possible to build a highly flexible air conditioning system using BACnet®, which is a common network protocol in the building automation field. The iQ-R series duplicates each layer of monitoring (SCADA) and the controller network, and also supports a redundant system ensuring high reliability.

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The MELSEC redundant system ensures the reliability of critical equipment, such as chillers, that cannot be shut down during data center operations. The system is built with general-purpose products, therefore it can be easily maintained and updated after installation. Furthermore maintenance is possible without stopping the system through tool-less online unit replacement. Another advantage is the possibility of adding slave-stations online. 

    By connecting a tracking cable capable of extending the distance between the redundant systems to 550 m, the control system and the standby system can be separated. It can be located at a distance, on the control panel. The optical fibre tracking cable is not affected by noise and enables high-speed data communication. The system switching time is reduced to 10 ms or less, and high-speed system switching from the control system to the standby system enables continuous control with higher reliability.

    MELSEC iQ-R/iQ-F Series also supports the BACnet® and MODBUS® open networks. Enabling integrated management of various air conditioning system devices and equipment, the MELSEC iQ-R/iQ-F Series offers optimal system operation.

    • BACnet® - open network in the building air conditioning field. Enables integrated management of devices and equipment related to building maintenance, including lighting, cooling/heating, and security management systems.
    • OPC UA - In data centers demanding high security, OPC UA security features such as certificates, encryption, and signatures can be arbitrarily configured according to system requirements to enable secure and reliable data communication.
    • MODBUS® supports master and slave functions, and for the master, uses dedicated instructions to control slave equipment.